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The project team is made up of experts in the fields of cultural materials conservation, archaeology and chemistry.  

University of Melbourne
Petronella Nel – PhD, Lecturer, Cultural Materials Conservation
Andrew Jamieson – Assoc Professor, Classics & Archaeology
Robyn Sloggett – Professor of Cultural Materials Conservation
Ken Ghiggino – Professor of Chemistry

University of Technology Sydney
Barbara Stuart – Assoc Professor

Flinders University
Rachel Popelka-Filcoff – Assoc Professor

Museum Victoria
Helen Privett

Queensland Museum
Cathy ter Bogt

Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences – Powerhouse Museum
Sue Gatenby

Art Gallery of New South Wales
Magda Sawacki – PhD

South Australian Museum
Fran Zilio

University of Melbourne PhD students
Bronwyn Cosgrove
Julianne Bell
Cancy Chu
Sharon Wong